Our Local Workforce Plan

The Cheshire and Merseyside Cancer Alliance (CMCA) Workforce Programme is an enabling work stream of the Cancer Transformation Programme. It aims to support the development of a skilled, multi-disciplinary cancer workforce, able to meet the demands of current cancer policy, and achieve improved outcomes for people diagnosed with cancer in CMCA.

The CMCA Workforce Programme works in collaboration with the HEE (North West) Cancer Workforce Programme to deliver increased knowledge and skills in the priority specialisms identified in the HEE National Cancer Workforce Strategy.

The CMCA Workforce Programme has a specific focus on caring roles such as Cancer Support Workers, Navigators and Clinical Nurse Specialists, all of whom have been identified as key professionals in delivery of the CMCA transformation plan.

The Programme utilises recognised NHS knowledge and skills frameworks to develop competency-based training packages and to assist in the embedding of new roles in primary, secondary and community based settings.

Our workforce programme commits to interpreting workforce requirements which will influence the development and commissioning of education and training provision to meet those requirements. We are also supporting the design of new roles arising from new models of care.

Successes so far

We have delivered cancer education to over 40 administrative and clerical workers in Primary Care

Over 100 Cancer Support Workers and Navigators have completed our competency based Cancer Development Programme

77 of our regions General Practice Nurses have attended our Cancer Education Programme in partnership with Macmillan

Key activities in 19/20

Aligning with the Health and Care Partnership for Cheshire and Merseyside, we will continue to understand the new roles and competencies required within the cancer workforce and also work with HEE to commission appropriate programmes of training and education to meet those needs.

We will continue our commitment and investment in our Cancer Support Worker and Cancer Navigator training and support. We will also develop a core cancer skills education and training framework for MDT Co-ordinators which will be available to all healthcare professionals involved with cancer patients.

Our workforce programme is committed to enabling cancer services to be delivered by a workforce that is sustainable, motivated and champions in improved patient care, experience and outcomes.

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Workforce Transformation Lead

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Lucy Irwin

Workforce Transformation Facilitator

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