Team Online Wellbeing Support

Supporting your staff is now more important than ever. Below you will find resources, offers and toolkits that will help yourself and your team during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond

These include:

·      Discounts

·      National wellbeing

·      Online support hubs, sessions and apps

·      Mental wellbeing

·      Bereavement

·      Physical wellbeing

·      Financial wellbeing

·      Domestic violence

·      Carers

·      NHS volunteers

·      NHS staff common rooms

·      Family guidance

Please check out your ESR for further support including Building a Healthy Mindset, Self-Management Confidence and Resilience, Motivation and Relationship Management, Wellbeing at Work, and many more…

Resources will be available on the CMCA website shortly. If anyone has any other useful links to add or would like to recommend a source please share.