Section 3: Support Delivery of the PCN Specification through a Community of Practice

The 20/21 DES Specification states that PCNs should:

Establish a Community of Practice between practice level clinical staff and system partners to support the delivery of requirements for 1 & 2 above, encouraging:

  • Peer to peer learning events: looking at data, trends in diagnosis across a PCN, including cases where patients presented repeatedly before referral and late diagnosis
  • Engagement with local system partners: Patient Participation Groups, Secondary Care, Cancer Alliance, Public Health, Commissioning Teams

Note: This section does not overlap with QOF QI


Suggestions for establishing communities of practice

•       Hold PCN peer to peer meetings

•       Link in with your CCG GP cancer lead (details in resources section below)

•       Look for opportunities to collaborate on work across PCNs/CCGs/the Cancer Alliance footprint (C&M)

•       Look for education opportunities; this could be:

•       something identified, developed and delivered locally between PCN’s

•       a suggestion to your CCG GP cancer lead, commissioning or public health team

•       a suggestion to the Cancer Alliance for a network wide opportunity

•       Where possible work with cancer charities who likely have resources to support primary care e.g. CRUK, Macmillan