About Us

Cheshire and Merseyside Cancer Alliance brings together organisations, patients and others affected by cancer to drive improvements in clinical outcomes and patients’ experience of the care and treatment they receive. 

The Cancer Alliance is responsible for leading the local delivery of the national cancer strategy, Achieving World Class Cancer Outcomes: A strategy for England 2015 – 2020 which set an exciting vision for the transformation of cancer services.  This vision includes:

  • Fewer people getting cancer
  • More people surviving cancer
  • More people having a positive experience in their treatment and care
  • Ensuring everyone receives the same high quality services, no matter who they are or where they live
  • More people being supported to live as well as possible after their treatment is over.

Click here to read the national cancer strategy.

By working closely with all partners involved in the cancer pathway, the Cancer Alliance is delivering a programme to reduce variation, deliver improvements, pilot innovative approaches and share best practice.  We will address the reasons for poorer clinical outcomes and variation by tackling the causes of late presentation and unequal access. We will also address priority areas we can improve outcomes and add value at scale focusing on:

  • Prevention throughout the cancer pathway
  • Increasing early stage cancer diagnosis to improve one year survival rates
  • Enhancing patient experience and quality of life by implementing the recovery package and stratified follow up.

Our areas of work will therefore encompass:

  • Embedding cancer prevention within treatment pathways, though the principle of teachable moments
  • Creating equitable access to screening programmes linked to social determinants of cancer
  • Increasing GP access to diagnostics
  • Improving access to radiology, pathology and endoscopy
  • Reducing emergency presentations including improved acute oncology pathways and ambulatory care.